4 Common Golfing Mistakes That Can Lead To Injuries

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Common golfing injuries

4 Common Golfing Mistakes That Can Lead To Injuries

There are some pretty common golfing injuries that can ruin even the most spectacular day on the course.

Learning how to avoid these can really make you GOLF ready this Summer!

As the summer weather starts to warm up, many of us may start to play more golf during the week and on the weekends.

I mean- what is more fun than getting some friends together for a round of 18 holes on a sunny Melbourne day.

As easy as it may be to arrive, tee up and start swinging, there are a few things to keep in mind before popping on the glove, especially if you’re getting back into the game after a break.

What are the most common golfing injuries?

Golf uses a lot of coupled motions throughout many aspects of the swing, this includes spinal rotation, side-bending, flexion and extension (spinal bending back and forward), hip and pelvic rotation and much more.

Some of the most common (but not limited) golf injuries seen within the clinic are:

  • lower back pain,
  • shoulder,
  • hip and knee pain, and
  • neck pain.

4 ways to avoid common golfing injuries:

  1. Take your time with your swing.
  2. Don’t ego swing, all too often we want to get the ball a far as possible on our swings, but this can often lead over rotating the lower back and placing strain onto the surrounding structures, and additionally into the shoulders.
  3. If it doesn’t feel right, step away from the ball, take a small breather and then line up and try again.
  4. Warm ups on the course are great, but training at the gym or home to strengthen your body up is also important. Things you could work on can include core rotation, single leg or arm movements, balance, and compound movements.

Exercise ideas to avoid common golfing injuries:

Golf has a vast involvement with flexibility, endurance, power and strength, and incorporates many planes of movement and almost every single joint in the body, from you neck to your ankles.

On an average 18-hole game players can walk anywhere between 6-8 kms, 8000 to 12000 steps and swing the clubs anywhere between 75-100+ times (excluding practice swings).

As you can see a lot goes on during the game, hence why it is important to warm up prior to teeing off!

To prevent injury and prime your body for movement, there are a few things you can do to help mobilize your hips, ankles, spine, wrists and shoulders.

Below are a few exercises you can try to warm up the most frequently used areas in golf:

Wrist warm ups for golf:

The wrists need to be loose and flexible for the optimum golf swing.
Try this exercise to make sure they’re course-ready.

Hold your club or a broom/light stick in one hand.
Rotate the club 180 degrees. Alternate back to the starting position 5-10 times. Repeat on the other hand.

Middle Back and Shoulder warm ups for golf:

Much of the rotation required for a smooth and efficient golf swing comes from the middle back.

This rotation is often one of the first movements we lose when we’re inactive.

Use this exercise to encourage your best rotation during your swing.

Kneel on one knee.
Take one arm overhead, reaching towards your back in an arc.
Stretch through your shoulder and encourage rotation in your middle back.

Lower Back and Hip warm ups for golf:

Much of the power in our swing comes from our hips and lower back area.

The exercise below will help you warm this area up and have you hitting your best shots yet in no time.

Place your club or a broom behind your shoulders, and hinge at your hips.
Common golfing injuries
Slowly rotate fully in one direction, and then the other. Repeat in each direction 5-10 times.

What if you already have a golfing injury?

Although it is equally important to prime your body before golf, if something doesn’t feel right, make sure to book in an appointment with one of the Osteopaths before any issue becomes worse.

This article was written by our Osteopath, Dr Matt Naimo, who has a particular interest in all things golf related. He’d love to help you sort out those little niggles and break down the mechanics of your swing.

Book online now or call (03) 9372 7714 to secure your appointment.

He wants us to remind you though that he can’t guarantee that you will make birdie each hole… 😉