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The Ultimate Sleep System

DrRest is a sleep system consisting of a unique mattress and pillow.
It originated with a group of healthcare professionals driven to see health as the focus for finding quality rest.
With a shared belief that getting quality rest is an essential right, they began the research and development for a mattress that puts health first.
DrRest mattresses ergonomically respond to any body size, shape or weight to align the spine for rest.

DrRest Sleep System Essendon
The unique shoulder zone allows unimpeded depression of the shoulders into the mattress, promoting neutral spinal alignment, rest and relaxation for better quality sleep.
DrRest Essendon 2
Injuries or inflammation can make comfortable sleep a challenge. The DrRest sleep system offers comfort and adaptability and may relieve pressure on the neck, shoulders, lower back, and hips.
DrRest Pillow Essendon

By reducing isometric contraction within the muscular system, the body may experience less joint and muscle soreness and therefore, less disrupted sleep.


Dr Rest Mattress Essendon

Why DrRest?

Clinical research has uncovered that the shoulder zone is a vital factor in achieving spinal alignment and facilitating restful sleep. 

By zoning the exclusive patented mattress design with specially selected materials for this zone, the DrRest Sleep System provides a unique hydraulic response for all body types. 

Each zone seamlessly complements the next to offer full body support.

What happens during a Sleep Posture Assessment?

When you book a time for a Sleep Posture Assessment at Lifespan Osteopathy, we can tailor the sleep system to suit your specific requirements. 

We’ll demonstrate to you how DrRest is different to every other mattress on the market. You’ll have a chance to try out the Sleep System right in our clinic.

DrRest In Action

In trials conducted in a clinical setting, significant improvements in spinal alignment were demonstrated in people who lay on a DrRest versus the same mattress without the DrRest design.

These images show improved spinal alignment at the DrRest shoulder zone. The results were consistent across body size, weight or shape.

41 Year old Male Laying on Conventional (Non-DrRest) Mattress

41yr old male laying on a conventional (non DrRest) mattress

41 Year old Male Laying on DrRest

vs laying on a DrRest mattress

64 Year old Female Laying on Conventional (Non-DrRest) Mattress

46 yr old female laying on a conventional (non DrRest) mattress

64 Year old Female Laying on DrRest Mattress

vs laying on a DrRest mattress

14 year old boy laying on conventional (non-DrRest) mattress

14yr old boy laying on a conventional (non DrRest) mattress

14 year old Boy laying on DrRest

vs laying on a DrRest mattress

Unique Shoulder Zone

The shoulder zone with Technogel© uniquely provides pressure relief

Works for all body types

Self-levelling occurs across body shapes, sizes or forms

Never "too soft" or "too hard"

Firmness or plushness occurs as a mechanical response to bodyweight

Optimal Interface Pressure

Distributes pressure over a wide surface area, decreasing the pressure points common in isolated areas such as the hip or shoulder

Frequently Asked Questions

The DrRest health experts are highly skilled and respected specialists in their medical fields and incorporate rest and recovery considerations into their care.

They have drawn on their clinical experience and medical research to bring a surface design and configuration that supports better physical and mental wellbeing.

The team of experts behind DrRest include:

  • Dr Gerald Quan- Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon
  • Dr Nick Antoniades- Respiratory and Sleep Specialist
  • Dr George Michael- Osteopath
  • Dr Peter Liodakis- Urologist

DrRest mattresses are available in the following sizes:

  • Single
  • Single Extra Long
  • King Single
  • Double
  • Queen
  • King 
  • Super King

DrRest mattresses can be used on any base where the slats are less than 7cm apart. 

Should you require a new base, these are also available for purchase. 

Bases come in fixed and adjustable models for most mattress sizes. 

DrRest mattresses come with a 10 year warranty. 

DrRest is a partnership of health experts involved in every step of the process, aligned to support better rest outcomes. DrRest is Australian owned and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

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