Lower Back Pain

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Lower Back Pain Treatment in Essendon

Here at Lifespan Osteopathy, we see a lot of people suffering from lower back pain. Given that around 85% of the population will experience it at some stage of their lives, this is not surprising.

Our experts provide osteopathy treatment for lower back pain, to find out more speak to our friendly team today!

Lower Back Pain Treatment in Essendon

Symptoms for Lower Back Pain

Pain or stiffness in the area around the base of the spine, either centrally, or off to one or both sides

Pain in the gluteal or buttock region

Pain in the hip or groin region

The pain can also sometimes radiate down one or both legs, or be felt as other sensations such as pins and needles, numbness or tingling

Causes of Lower Back Pain

70% of cases are due to lumbar (low back) region joint sprain or muscle strain

10% of cases are due to age-related degenerative changes

20% of cases are due to a variety of other less common causes

Treatment for Lower Back Pain

There is a tonne of self-help strategies you can put in place, and treatment by a Lifespan Osteopath can help to remove strain from the lower back and pelvis.

We utilise a variety of techniques, including:



Manipulation (where considered safe)

Stretching and exercise prescription

We can also advise on specific stretching or strengthening exercises, as well as things to avoid or provide education about chronic pain management.

If you’d like to read more on this topic, we’ve also written a blog post about it here.

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