Visceral Manipulation

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Treatment For Visceral Manipulation

Visceral Osteopathy is the study of the connective tissue of the body’s organs, and its relationship with the musculoskeletal system. Our organs move just like our joints, and often surgery, scar tissue, illness or trauma can affect the organ movement. The connective tissue supporting our organs to our skeleton can, in turn, tighten and pull in reaction to our organs (the same way our muscles do), causing musculoskeletal and possibly nerve pain.

Visceral Manipulation Treatment

Symptoms Include:

Symptoms can vary from headaches, to back and neck pain, as well as nerve pain

One of the most common symptoms patients present with is reflux. Often patients will not connect this to their persistent upper back or neck pain. Gentle stretching of the connective tissue and fascia around the upper abdomen has been shown on numerous occasions to not only help back pain but has been known to reduce symptoms and decrease medication use

Other examples include constipation and its relationship with back pain, or period pain in women.

Sometimes you may have no symptoms in that organ at all

Possible Causes:

Problems may arrive from a previous illness such as pneumonia or gallstones or ongoing condition illness such as reflux

Abdominal and pelvic surgery very often result in scar tissue causing pain and restriction

Sports traumas, falls and car accidents are also common causes of dysfunction

Very often, difficult or persistent musculoskeletal pain can be due to connective tissue restrictions that have a relationship with an area of pain

Treatment For Visceral Manipulation

It may sound like we “massage” your organs, but visceral manipulation is actually stretching or fascial unwinding of the connective tissue related to an organ. This incorporated into your usual Osteopathic treatment.

It is important that any unusual or new organ symptom should be thoroughly investigated by your GP or specialist prior considering any visceral treatment.

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