Breast Care

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Osteopathic Breast Care Essendon

Breast health is an area of women’s health that has the opportunity to affect all women at any stage of life.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Lactating women may encounter breast swelling and mastitis during their pregnancy and beyond. Ill-fitting bras can cause restriction of the chest and thoracic spine, leading to pain.

We often see patient that may have complaints such as:

  • Thoracic pain due to increased breast weight
  • Post mastectomy contracture/breast restriction
  • Non cardiac chest pain
  • Mastitis

Osteopathy in addition to Breast Cancer Treatment:

Breast cancer treatment can often result in patients with significant scarring, adhesions, fibrous hard tissue, and rippled/contracted breast implants and/or chronic pain.

Traditional care of these conditions often involves home management including stretches, exercise prescription and self-massage advice.

Osteopathy can help to provide hands on therapy to manage the conditions above, helping clients relieve discomfort and increase self confidence in their own bodies.

Osteopathic Breast Care Essendon

The Role of Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system plays a crucial role in breast health.

It helps remove waste, toxins, and excess fluid from tissues, supporting overall immune function.

The lymphatic vessels carry this fluid, called lymph, throughout the body, including the breasts.

When the lymphatic system becomes congested or compromised, it can lead to issues like breast tenderness, swelling, or lymphedema.

Therapists can be trained in techniques that can aid in lymphatic drainage. By gently manipulating the tissues and promoting circulation, we can support the optimal functioning of the lymphatic system, potentially reducing the risk of breast-related concerns.

Lymphoedema therapists with specialised training are also used to assist with concerns like post-surgical lymphoedema.


Posture, Alignment, and Breast Health:

Posture and alignment play a vital role in breast health.

Poor posture, such as slouching or rounded shoulders, can restrict the movement of the ribcage, compressing the breast tissue. Over time, this compression can impact lymphatic flow and contribute to discomfort or compromised breast health.

Trained therapists can assess and address postural imbalances that may affect breast health.

Through exercises, manual techniques, and education, we can guide individuals in optimising their posture, reducing unnecessary strain on the breast tissue, and supporting healthy lymphatic drainage.

Breast Health during Pregnancy and Postpartum

Pregnancy and breastfeeding bring about significant changes in breast tissue. The breasts enlarge and become more sensitive as they prepare for lactation.

However, these changes can also lead to discomfort, pain, or engorgement.

As Osteopaths, we can provide support during this transformative time. Through education, therapeutic techniques, and exercises, we can help pregnant individuals and new mothers manage breast-related issues.

We can guide them on proper breastfeeding positions, techniques to prevent engorgement or mastitis, and strategies to relieve breast pain or discomfort.

Collaborative Care and Breast Health:

Osteopaths recognise the importance of collaboration in providing comprehensive care.

While we can address certain aspects of breast health, it is essential to work alongside other healthcare professionals, such as breast specialists, lactation consultants, or primary care physicians.

By fostering an interdisciplinary approach, we can ensure that women receive holistic care for their breast health.

This collaboration allows for a comprehensive assessment, accurate diagnosis, and an integrated treatment plan tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

Breast health is an integral part of women’s overall well-being.

As Osteopaths in the women’s health field, we recognise the importance of considering the interconnections within the body and promoting a holistic approach to health.

Our experts provide osteopathy treatment for breast conditions- to find out more speak to our friendly team today!

Some conditions that we can help treat in relation to breast cancer recovery include:

Auxiliary Web Syndrome (cording)

Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome

Seroma, Induration

Capsular Contraction

Generalised pain during and after treatment protocols such as lumpectomies, mastectomies, sentinel node biopsy (SNB), lymph node dissection (ALND), radiation therapy, DIEP/TRAN reconstructions and more

Please note that we do not claim to have any specific impact on the treatment of breast cancer. We aim to help manage some complications that may arise from treatment via other means, such as surgery or radiotherapy.

Breast care treatment can also include:

Thoracic, rib and neck pain associated with heavier chests

Post breast reduction management

Mastitis treatment and management

Our practitioners also work in conjunction with:

Women’s health physiotherapists

Lymphedema Therapists



Lactation Consultants


We can liaise with these professionals throughout the recovery journey. Get in touch if you feel this treatment may benefit you or be applicable for you!

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