Osteopathy For Toddlers To Teens

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Osteopathy Treatment for kids in Essendon

Once they are mobile, children just never seem to want to stop moving! This seemingly endless energy is great for their developing motor skills; however, it also comes with the increased risk of bumps, falls and bruises. In many cases, children will bounce back without issue, however, sometimes, just like adults, they will need some extra attention.

You may also have some concerns about a particular aspect of your child’s growth and development. Lifespan Osteopaths will examine your child and provide advice as to which conditions are normal parts of development, which are amenable to treatment, and which require referral for further investigation.

As children’s comprehension increases with age, we are able to involve them more actively in their treatment. This allows us to use techniques such as MET (Muscle Energy Technique), where the patient provides a muscular resistance to specific movements. As such, the treatment of older toddlers to teens is slightly different to that of babies, however, it is always performed in consultation with the patient and their guardian, and is always mindful of their particular stage of growth and development.

Treatment of babies and children in Essendon

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