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Osteopathy and Children


As a mother of two, I am acutely aware of a parent’s need to protect their children.  


The birth of my oldest daughter certainly woke up the Mumma Bear in me, and I would walk across hot coals to protect her or her younger sister from harm.  I am also familiar with the desire to provide them with nothing but the best in all aspects of their lives, but none is more so than when it comes to their health. 


So I can understand why parents may have a few questions about whether Osteopathy is really a good choice for their children.  


The first question I often hear is- is it safe? 


These people have often had a treatment themselves that may have involved techniques like HVLA, a.k.a. “cracking” or “manipulation”, or strong soft tissue techniques that they feel may be too uncomfortable for their child.  Techniques such as these may be necessary to incite a change in an adult, whose tissues are less elastic and carry the patterns of a lifetime, however, they are very rarely, if ever, necessary in a child or baby. 


The techniques I use to treat children are usually very gentle, and are always performed in consultation with the parent, as well as the child once they are old enough to understand.  


The second question I often hear is- what conditions do you treat in children or babies? 


The answer is- many!


Let me start with toddlers and older children, whose seemingly endless energy can sometimes result in bumps or falls.  Just like in adults, this can cause conditions like joint pain and muscle strains, as well as back or neck pain and headaches. They may also suffer from “growing pains”, postural problems or conditions like recurrent ear infections.  Using a range of gentle manual techniques, we may assist in managing these conditions for your child so they can be back to their busy selves in no time.  


Treatment for Babies and Children on Essendon


This brings me to the babies.


No matter which way they enter the world, babies can go through quite the ordeal in being born. 


Babies born vaginally are subject to enormous compressive forces, which, in certain labour situations, can lead to strain though their bodies, especially their shoulders, neck or heads. 


Those born through C-sections may not experience this compression, however, this in itself can cause issues, such as retention of fluids or respiratory issues.


Any of these states may manifest in many different ways, such as feeding difficulties (breast or bottle), torticollis, plagiocephaly (“flat head”), digestive conditions or generalised unsettledness. 


Again, using a range of gentle techniques tailored to the needs of your baby, our treatment can assist in your baby’s management.  


The newborn days are a few years behind me now- our girls are 4 and 5, but the memories of them will last a lifetime.


Through the blur, I can recall the feeding difficulties I experienced with my oldest, and the stress that they caused.  I was desperate to be able to breastfeed, but my daughter just could not latch effectively.  In conjunction with a lactation consultant, Osteopathy was able to help us attain the latch we needed and get us on the path to breastfeeding success.  So I can fully relate to the emotional rollercoaster that adjusting to life as a new parent can be. 


I aim to provide support to my patients in every way that I can, and am more than happy to work as part of a team of health practitioners to achieve the best outcome possible for them.  


Is your baby or child experiencing any problems like those outlined here? 


If so, why not give us a call or book online today, so we can help get you back on track.