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Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon Team

As Osteopaths, our role is to provide hands-on treatment, exercise prescription and other self-management tools to help each person feel their own personal best.

About Us

Located in the heart of Essendon’s “Windy Hill” district, Lifespan Osteopathy brings together traditional Osteopathy and leading-edge technology to bring you the best of both worlds.

No matter how old or young you are, or where your pain is located, our Osteopaths have the tools and knowledge to help get you back on track.

Your Initial Consultation Includes:

A Thorough Case History

We’ll discuss your presenting complaint, and ask about your medical history and lifestyle, to help ensure we get to the root of the problem.

A Comprehensive Examination

Including Orthopaedic and Neurological Testing, as indicated.

We can also refer for imaging if necessary.


Osteopathic Treatment*

Hands-on Osteopathic treatment by one of our skilled practitioners using techniques tailored to your individual needs and preferences.



* When deemed safe and indicated

A Personalised Management Plan & Self-Management Program

We’ll send you a personalised Management Plan so your diagnosis & future steps are crystal clear.

You’ll also receive a tailored video based exercise program to help keep you moving well at home.

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We're open 6 days a week, with evening appointments Monday-Friday.

How We Can Help You

We’re proud to be able to offer a range of services that can benefit people from all walks of life.

Osteopathy Essendon

Osteopathy for adults and older children.​

Each of our team  strives to provide excellent care. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your condition, so you’ll know exactly where you stand. 

We’ll start the treatment process at the Initial Consultation, so you can get on the road to recovery straight away. 

EMS Shockwave Essendon

Radial Shockwave Therapy

We’re proud to have invested in this leading technology, proven to be of benefit in many painful conditions such as plantar fasciitis and tendon problems such as tennis elbow. 

Paediatric Osteopathy Essendon

Osteopathy for Infants and Toddlers​

Our Paediatric Osteopaths have years of experience in treating our smallest patients. 

They use techniques involving very small amounts of force to help with many common complaints in newborns and toddlers. 

Meet The Lifespan Osteopathy Team

Each of our Osteopaths regularly treat common conditions such as lower back, neck, shoulder or knee pain. They’ve also each got their own particular interest areas. ​

Jason Ferrante Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Jason Ferrante

Principal Osteopath

Jason graduated from RMIT in 2003.

His background in Sports Science  and high-level soccer means he has a special interest in treating Sports injuries. 
He has also focussed much of his Professional Development of the field of Visceral Osteopathy. 

Lauren Matthews Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Lauren Matthews

Principal Osteopath

Lauren graduated from RMIT in 2005.

She has a special interest in pregnancy and postpartum women, as well as the field of Paediatric Osteopathy.

Vincent Papandrea Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Vincent Papandrea


Vincent has a 5th Dan Black Belt in the martial art of Taekwondo, which has given him a high level understanding of movement mechanics in athletes. 

He also taught junior Taekwondo for many years, allowing him to relate to older kids and teens exceptionally well. 

Katie Bruni Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Katie Bruni


Katie has a strong interest in treating complex pelvic pain, pregnancy and postpartum concerns, headaches/migraines, breast pain/mastitis and sexual pain. 

She is currently studying her Masters of Women’s Health Medicine.

Shona Hunt Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Shona Hunt


Shona thoroughly enjoys working with babies, children, families and women during their pregnancy and postpartum. 

She also loves working with people who like to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Travis Lam Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Travis Lam


With a background in competitive swimming, Travis enjoys treating all types of athletes.

He has completed additional training with exercise rehab prescription, as well as strength and conditioning.

Fabian Usai Lifespan Osteopathy Essendon

Dr Fabian Usai


Fabian has a passion for fitness, having worked as a Coach, Personal Trainer and Sports Osteopath for a local football team.

Fabian has a particular interest in chronic pain management.

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Got a Question?


In Australia, Osteopaths are Primary Care Practitioners. This means that you do not need a referral to see an Osteopath. 

Yes, most major funds will provide a rebate for Osteopathic Services, as long as you have Extras Cover. The rebate amount will vary based on your cover type and level. Check with your Insurer before attending if you would like to know how much to expect back.

Yes, we have HICAPS facilities. If you bring your Private health insurance card (either physical or digital is fine), we can process your Private Health rebate on the spot, so you’ll only pay any gap amount. 

The consultation fee charged will depend on who you see, and whether you have a Concession card. For more information, please call 9372 7714, and our team will be happy to discuss fees with you. 

Depending on the body part being examined or treated, you may need to remove some layers of clothing, however, a gown will always be available for your comfort.

Your comfort is of upmost importance to us, so if for any reason you wish to remain fully clothed, please communicate this to your Osteopath and they’ll do their best to accomodate your request.

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